On The Way Cafe, Rye NY

On The Way Cafe is a Rye institution. One that quite frankly, I never paid much attention to! A while back I was reading Westchester Magazine and a write up about the best breakfasts in Westchester caught my eye so off I went.

I grabbed a seat at the counter and a fantastic cup of coffee and settled in to look over the menu. Everything on the menu is approachable but with a gourmet twist, which I love! Parmesan & Chive Organic Scrambled Eggs, Organic Spicy Southwestern Scrambled Eggs, Buffalo Organic Scrambled Eggs or my choice and one I can’t seem to quit- Tuscan Sunny Side Up Eggs over Grilled Tuscan Bread, Black Forest Ham and sprinkled with Chile pepper flakes! I am probably biased to this dish because my great grandma always served me sunny side up eggs on buttered Italian bread toast and this dish reminds me of that, but with a grown up twist.  I think this dish is just fantastic!

I have also been able to taste The Parmesan and and Chive Scrambled Eggs and the Spicy Southwestern Eggs. We both really enjoyed the Parmesan and Chive Eggs but agreed completely that the Spicy Southwestern Eggs were entirely too spicy. They were covered in red chili flakes and make the eggs almost inedible for our palates. But if you love spicy- you’ll love this.

One the Way Cafe servers up farm fresh, local eggs. They really take care to use quality ingredients and it shows. I appreciate that.

This little charmer is a neighborhood favorite so it packs up quickly, but it’s one of the only gems in the area, so it’s worth it.