I got a phone call one day from a friend who lives nearby. She wanted to know where I recommend she go to buy fresh fish. I told her that I only buy my fish and seafood from Greenwich Lobster Bin on Railroad Avenue. I asked, ‘Where do you usually buy your fish?’ She proceeded to tell me that she always bought it from the local Stop & Shop but most recently she bought some cod and when she opened it, there was an actual live worm in the package with her fish! I told her that I recommend never buying fish from a chain food store because it is what the industry refers to as Grade B fish. (I learned that from the book, ‘The Secret Life of Lobsters.’)

That story inspired me to start this page of my recommendations of the best places for particular things from the best BBQ ribs to where to buy cold cuts in the Westchester/Fairfield area. Here are my opinions on the best of the best! Please suggest places that you think I should try!

Where I Buy…

The Lobster Bin

Fresh Seafood

The Lobster Bin, Greenwich CT

Tarry Market

Cured Meats, gourmet cheesee & Italian specialities

Tarry Market, Port Chester, NY


Fresh Meat

Crisfield’s Prime Meats, Rye NY

Park Deli

Deli Meat, sandwiches and catering

Park Deli Port Chester NY

Varmax Wines

Wine & Champagne

Largest Selection:Varmax Liquor Pantry,

    Port Chester NY

Quality Selection and most knowledgeable staff: Citerella Wine & Spirits , Greenwich CT

Craving BBQ Babyback Ribs?

Sherwoods Restaurant, Larchmont NY

Fresh Mozzarella

      Casa Della Mozzarella, Bronx NY

I once waited in line for 3 hours just to get some. Yes, I am serious.

A&S Foods,

    Port Chester NY
Whole Foods Market

Organic foods

Whole Foods, Multiple Locations