Terra Ristorante, Greenwich CT

I remember when I moved into this area and we were busy exploring our new restaurant offerings and I came across Terra. I looked over the menu and I recall thinking to myself that I thought it was over priced for the offerings. I never gave it a try. Then a few years ago, friends of ours began taking us there regularly and we became hooked! Yes, its still expensive but like most things in life- you get what you pay for! What they do, they do exceptionally well. So well in fact, that we find ourselves craving dishes from Terra on a regular basis.

Is it just the food that has made Terra a favorite for us? No. It’s the food of course, combined with the exceptional service and the relaxing atmosphere. We love to sit out on the patio under a heat lamp and watch the passers by stroll down Greenwich Avenue on a Sunday night or inside on a weekend afternoon where we smell the roasted chicken being fired in the brick oven behind the bar. We forget about time when we are there and we just sit back, relax and enjoy. The combination makes Terra a top choice for us when dining out.

The menu offers something for everyone but I would like to tell you about some of my favorite dishes. First up, the item I crave the most- Carpaccio of Strube Farms American Kobe Beef with arugula, parmesan, mushrooms and a truffle vinaigrette. This dish is impossible for me not to order when we dine at Terra. It has ruined my ability to order carpaccio from anywhere else. Thats it. That’s all I have to say. Its amazing.

On a a cold afternoon NOTHING beats the Fresh tomato soup. Its like sipping on silk. I make a pretty good tomato soup myself, (if I do say so myself!) but since I started eating this at Terra I don’t even care my own anymore!

If you not in the mood for a traditional entree and would prefer something lighter, Terra offers up brick oven personal pizzas which are wood fired right behind the bar. They are all delicious. My favorite is crumbled sausage and hot cherry peppers and yes- they are HOT!

When it comes to entrees I do have a tough time deciding between two absolutely stellar dishes. Terra does Veal Chop Milanese ‘right.’ If you are a veal lover like myself, you will know what I mean by this. It’s served on the bone, pounded paper thin, breaded, fried and served with lemon. It’s simple and stunning. We order this more than any other entree. But I can’t let it take away from how much I love the Wood Oven Roasted Amish Chicken. Its juicy, crispy, seasoned to perfection- it’s everything roasted chicken should be and never is. I can smell it as I write this and will inevitably crave it until I get to have it again!

So in conclusion, I recommend Terra to anyone who is looking to have a nice night out and enjoys high quality food. The downside to Terra is that they only serve beer and wine, but as it is the kind dining experience best accompanied by wine, I really don’t mind. So next time you are ‘on the Ave,’ as we locals say, don’t let Terra pass you by!