Sonora Restaurant, Port Chester NY

Simply put- Sonora never lets me down.

Sonora is one of those places you could easily drive right by. It’s a white, two story house on a corner in a normal neighborhood. It doesn’t jump out at you and scream ‘Come Eat Here!’ But once inside, you are transported out of Port Chester and are in for a unexpected culinary experience. I had to look up what style of food Sonora serves because it is so unique that I wouldn’t want to misspeak about it. According to Open table, ‘Sonora combines South American flavors with a French- Asian fusion.’ Have you ever even heard of such a thing?!

We usually start our evening at the bar with a glass of Sangria or one of their specialty cocktails. Occasionally, we will enjoy our entire dinner at the bar at a slow pace of appetizers and entrees and more hand crafted cocktails. When with a larger crowd, we’ll move to one of the tables and begin our meals with the warm, crusty bread they serve accompanied by their sun dried tomato dip that is out of this world!

I have had almost all of the appetizers on the menu and although I love them all, the one that stands out the most is the Salmón al Crudo
. The description for this on the menu is ‘Salmon tartar with Pommery mustard and waffle chips over avocado puree and chive crème fraîche.’ You do not need to be a salmon lover to love this dish! I think I could eat this every day for the rest of my life! I also recommend the Tacos de Puerco (Soft tacos stuffed with braised pork and Chipotle peppers served with roasted Jalapeño salsita) and the Pizza de Churrasco (Grilled skirt steak served over a Parmesan cheese flat bread, topped with aged Manchego cheese, arugula, and parsley chimichurri)

When it comes to Entrees I have 3 absolute favorites.

  • Costillas
    Braised Beef short ribs with Mushroom mashed potato and a Rioja wine Au juspaired with seasonal vegetables
  • Tilapia con enchiladas
    Pan seared Tilapia served over shrimp stuffed enchiladas finished in mole sauce
  • Camarones y Vieras
    Sautéed shrimp and sea scallops cooked in a Chardonnay, sweet corn and chipotle sauce served with Monterrey Jack cheese and lobster raviolis

Sonora is one of my more frequently visited restaurants and I can honestly say that I have never had a bad meal here. Its not for everyone because the menu is made up of interesting combinations that you have likely never seen before. But, if you are a lover of food and want to try something different, you will be rewarded with perfectly balanced flavors that are simultaneously delicate and bold in every bite.