Emma’s Ale House, White Plains NY

Emmas’s Ale House has so much potential. Its inviting, the menu is well rounded and its got a great English Pub feel going on. But there is no nice way to say what I am about to…The food is terrible. Not all of it, but a solid 85% of the menu is not very good and its very inconsistent.

The flat bread pizza was thin and crisp one time and doughy and chewy the next. The bacon mac and cheese is oily and fatty and the caesar salad is like eating mayonnaise on lettuce.

I have dined here on 3 occasions and its gotten progressively worse, with most most recent trip being the biggest disappointment to date. The overall rundown goes something like this: 5 people go out to dinner, 1 out of 3 appetizers gets the thumbs up (and is was just a mixed green salad!) 1 out of 5 entrees gets the nod of approval. Thats an unacceptable rate of return on a dining experience. We should have stuck with the liquid calories on this night out and I am certain that I will not be eating here again and if I do, because live music does bring us here on occasion, I’m sticking with a plain old burger.

A real let down for a place I so badly want to love.