Eat your vegetables

I recently had the pleasure of sharing a glass of wine with a Food Scientist. Of course I delved right in asking about her take on wild vs. farmed fish and fresh food vs processed food. Then she asked me if I had heard of the book ‘The China Study.’ I had told her no and she said although its complicated, even by her standards, she can’t deny the premise of the book which basically states that the more animal protein you consume, the fasted the cancer gene is likely to become active. I found this interesting ‘food for thought.’

So I have been challenging myself to see if I could cut down on my meat intake and although I have to say I have cut down, its still very hard! I think I might be addicted to animal protein! I thought eating fish didn’t count but after some research I discovered that I was wrong- fish is out too.

What’s one to eat when one is love with clams and roasted chicken and a juicy burger?

I’ve been eating Greek salad like its going out of style and cucumbers dipped in hummus for snacks. I can’t seem to think of what to make! The obvious answer is pasta with vegetables but I try to avoid pasta whenever possible so thats out. This little experiment of mine this week makes me realize that ‘China Study’ or not, its time to expand the weeknight meals to include more vegetables and curb my addiction to protein.

By posting this online for everyone to read I hope to challenge myself to come up with some great vegetarian meals to share on Feast & Merriment. Please send me some recipes and ideas to help me get going in the kitchen! I also hope to inspire all of you to add more vegetables (raw whenever possible) to your menus. Now is the perfect season to adopt this new lifestyle of eating more fresh vegetables and less animal protein.