Step up your breakfast game

Who doesn't love eggs over easy and toast on a Sunday morning? Sometimes you need to step ups your game. Here are some Ideas and inspiration for how to sass up your Sunday egg dishes.


Aweee Shucks!

We love Shellfish around here. All of it- any kind, prepared any way. But we really love some fresh shucked oysters and clams. We’ve been working on mastering the art of shucking- and it [...]


Grow your lettuce in a window box

Home grown lettuce…what a treat! I grow mine in window boxes right on my deck. This allows me to have more control over insects and those pesky rabbits! It’s also quite convenient to [...]


Tips for Entertaining

When entertaining for any crowd, large or small, try and get as much done as possible before your guests arrive. The less you have to do when your guests are there, the more smoothly your event [...]


Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Everyone loves mashed potatoes-except the cook making them! With these tricks for make ahead mashed potatoes, now the cook can enjoy the mash as much as the guests.


Tired of the standard BBQ fare?

I've had enough with classic backyard BBQ fare. It's so boring! BBQ’s can be so much more creative and delicious- there’s just no reason not to. Let's ditch the dogs and try a little harder.

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