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  • Aweee Shucks!

    We love Shellfish around here. All of it- any kind, prepared any way. But we really love some fresh shucked oysters and clams. We've been working on mastering the art of shucking- and it ain't easy! ...
  • A ‘Chopped’ Challenge

    It was a cold December evening and my friends and I were sitting around having some wine to celebrate the holidays when we had an idea...
  • Cake or Cupcakes?

    Its a big week of Birthdays and it got me thinking…Cake or Cupcakes? Whats the preference?
  • Are 3 eyed fish the fish of our future?

    I stopped eating farmed salmon years ago because of the high numbers of PCB's, the excessive use of antibiotics in salmon farms and the the gross fact that farmed salmon meat would be grey without the use of an orange dye called Canthaxanthin...
  • To Flour or Not to Flour? THAT is my question!

    When making cutlets of any kind, I have always floured, egged, breadcrumbed. After watching my friend, who is an excellent cook, make cutlets without the flour step, I started asking around and it seems the jury is split.
  • How far can you make a roasted chicken go?

    I roast quite a bit of chicken, especially when I am trying to stretch my food store dollars. When I take the time to plan it out, it always amazes me how far I can make that chicken go.
  • The Gift of the Perfect Meatball Tip

    My great-grandma GiGi died when I was quite young but there are things I remember and believe it or not, they have greatly influenced how I cook.