Bayview Grill, Seaside Heights NJ

I have been going ‘Down the Shore’ for my entire life! I have also been having a love affair with food since I learned to chew so I can promise you that I know my way around the best eats at the Jersey Shore. I can tell you the best Cheese steaks (Steaks unlimited of course!) and the best place for a slice of pizza (Maruca’s- no question.) and your best bet for a bucket of crabs with old bay, (Bum Rogers) but until a couple of seasons ago, I was stumped on Breakfast. Which was a real problem because I-LOVE-BREAKFAST! What do I love more than breakfast? BREAKFAST ON THE BAY!

The Bayview Grill is now what I look forward too when I am in Seaside or the surrounding area. It gets me out of bed faster and I fall asleep happier knowing that I will be dining there when I wake! Its family owned and run, its quirky the way an old diner at the shore should be and it is 100% consistent year after year. The omelets are just the way I like them- perfectly stuffed, cooked through and thin. The poached eggs are warmed through with runny yolks and whites cooked though out. The bacon is crispy and the sausage tasty. The coffee is always fresh and the service is pleasant. This is not the place to go if you are in a rush. They are on ‘island time’ but its vacation- where are you running off to anyway? This will be your best meal of the day so I think its worth the wait!

In addition to the excellent, but standard, Bayview Grill breakfast menu, you have the option to order from the daily specials, which I recently did. I was extremely happy with my choice of Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict with fresh sliced Avocado and Hollandaise. Have you ever heard of such a thing? And from a little place like this? It was breakfast perfection!

The next morning, like every morning I am down the shore, off I went again to the Bayside Grill. After indulging in the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict the morning before, I went for my usual and ordered up an Egg White Omelet with Spinach and Feta and splurged on a side of Corned Beef Hash. Again- it was perfect:)

The Bayview Grill serves breakfast, lunch and now dinner. They do not serve alcohol so get your drink on before or after. I can’t wait to go back for another breakfast on the bay and I really can’t wait to see what they are serving up for dinner!