All About Lobster

Ohh Larry. (Larry the Lobster that is.) I have been eating Lobster since before I could walk. My uncle was always making lobster and I wanted in! We’d race them on the floor and then dump them in pots. Very barbaric- I know! I do understand why people have an issue with this process, but I never seemed to have a problem with it! I just love Lobster. Its my IM picture, its the necklace I wear, its what I read about. I find them fantastically fascinating.

I cook lobster more than the average person but I was always frustrated by the tails getting a bit over cooked in order to get the claws done correctly. And the mess! Ugh! So I made some changes and I’m not looking back. It has greatly improved Lobster night at our house.

I preheat my oven, steam the lobsters until just cooked through and remove. I break them down and clean them. I crack the claws to make meat removal easy and to drain any liquid and then I pop them on a baking sheet and into the oven they go for 3-5 minutes to firm up and stay hot. Meanwhile, I split the tails and devein. I usually pop them onto the baking sheet for 2 more minute just to get them nice and hot for serving. Then I plate them all together in pieces and voila! One giant platter to share, the major mess has already been made and all thats left to do is easily pick out the meat from shells that have already been cracked and enjoy. No bibs required!