White Beans in place of pasta- Its a win!

When I met Brett I didn’t have much practice in the kitchen and so I stuck with the things I knew how to make- lasagna, meatballs and lots of pasta! One day Brett said to me, “You know babe, I really don’t enjoy pasta very much!” I felt like I was punched in the gut! Who doesn’t like macaroni and ‘gravy?’ I guess English boys- that’s who!

Well, I found myself in quite the pickle and thats when I really threw myself into reading recipe books and started to really experiment in the kitchen. In retrospect, that confession by Brett is what led me to discover my love for cooking.

One evening when I really wanted my macaroni fix, and I knew it wasn’t going to fly well with Brett, I decided to give a new recipe from Tyler Florence a try and from that night on, I started using cannellini beans all the time in place of pasta. I took the concept from Tyler’s recipe and created a spin-off based on his concept. I think I could now make it with my eyes closed- thats how often I make it! Then I just add this or that and it is always so satisfying. And, I don’t ever get sick of making white beans.

Here’s the basic recipe that started my obsession! Tuscan White Beans recipe

White beans with shrimp, brussel sprouts and bacon in a bowl
White Beans & Tomatoes in a pan