Westchester Burger Co., Westchester, NY

I honestly think this place could convert a life long vegetarian to the ways of the carnivorous- thats how good the burgers at this place are.

I only stumbled upon Westchester Burger Co. out of locational convenience and I almost left when I walked into a dark and sparsely decorated dining room that offered no music to muffle the sounds of other patrons. As I was about to leave and choose a new restaurant, my guests walked in and it seemed easier to just stay put. After we settled in, the music came on and once our server came over and introduced herself, everything settled into a more comfortable setting.

I could go ahead and describe everything that we ordered that day but the description would be the same- delicious! So delicious that I had to go back with a new group of people not two weeks later because I could not stop thinking about the soft brioche roll adorning a perfectly cooked, medium-rare burger! Again, we all ordered different style burgers and again, they were all delicious.

Not too many days later, I revisited WBC and during that second trip I asked the bartender to kindly confirm a rumor and he was happy to do so- Westchester Burger Co. is coming to Rye Brook in July 2011! They have taken over the old Frank’s Steaks building and have apparently invested in a major overhaul of the interior. I am thrilled and think its a perfect fit for our community.

I see entirely too many burgers in my future!