The Perfect Pizzelle

Birthday presents are great. Belated Birthday presents are even better! This past weekend we celebrated my niece Karina’s 3rd birthday and I certainly wasn’t expecting any gifts. After all, as an Auntie, it’s my job to bring the presents! But just as I was getting ready to leave the party, my brother handed me an unexpected belated birthday gift. It was a Pizzelle Iron! Not the non-stick kind or a modern day light version- the old school, heavy duty, cast aluminum kind that I remember my grandma using.

I wasted no time putting it to use and I am so excited that I found a winning recipe on my first attempt and that they were delightfully delicious! I am going on record that I will happily make pizzelles for every future family gathering, party, or simply upon request- just ask!

If you are not familiar with Pizzelles, they are an Italian classic best described as a ‘waffle cookie.’ They taste like Belgium waffles, but super thin and crispy. They have the same smell that leaves your mouth watering as they cook. They are also what ice cream waffle cones are made from. When they come off the iron, they are pliable and formed around wooden cones then left to set into the shape we know as the waffle ice cream cone.

The recipe I choose was from which can be viewed here. Special thanks to one reviewer who gave me the tip to put the batter into a piping bag for easier application- it worked like a dream. And of course, special thanks to my brother Rob for this unexpected treat!