Mission: Make Ahead Potatoes

Thanksgiving is on the horizon and I am hosting it this year. With Turkey dinner comes the Mashed Potatoes. Its unavoidable.

Mashed Potatoes are one side dish that simply put- cause me stress. They get cold very quickly so you need to get them on the table last. You get them on the table and in the rush to make that happen, you have a sink full of pots and various bits and pieces thrown about. (the pot you boiled them in, the strainer you strained them with, the bowl you mixed them in and then the bowl you served them in- not to mention the various ingredients thrown about!) I hate it! I am not the only one- there are women all over the internet complaining about the mad dash for mashed potatoes and the mess it makes to get them on the table. So I’m on a mission- Make ahead mashed potatoes that can be reheated using a crock pot.

I tried a recipe (Click for Recipe. ) and it was much more successful than I could have imagined. However, I was really looking for a more traditional style mashed potato, not one with a strong sour cream flavor. So back to the stove for round 2. I decided to just give it a go with my traditional recipe and see what happened. So, I peeled and boiled 5 pounds of russets and whipped them with some heavy cream, some reduced fat milk, butter, salt and pepper, just like I would always do. I transferred them to my crock pot dish and put them in the fridge. The next day, I took them out, set them to low and in 2- 2.5 hours they were perfect! Just like I whipped them fresh. I even left them on for another 2 hours to see what would happen and they remained delicious. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I didn’t believe it.

So I did it again the following week!
And guess what? They were perfect – again.

And then I did it again for Thanksgiving and again for Christmas and I will never again have the Mashed potato mess to clean up on the day of dining ever again!